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Hello everyone!

It’s me, I’m back! I apologize for being M.I.A. and let me just tell you… it’s been CRAZY. The MCAT is now over, I can finally breathe a lot more, and I’m excited to begin fun projects on the blog! I have a lot of new content coming and I’m positive y’all are going to love it. (Hint hint: guest writers, potential e-books).

Me “studying” during Spring break!

But anyways, let me first share that it has been one of the toughest semesters I’ve faced yet. In the midst of attempting to study for the MCAT, I had 2 exams on the same week, fighting the horrible allergy season and dealing with a canker sore on my lip that literally came out of nowhere (stress at it’s finest). Nonetheless, it was a real struggle trying to keep up mentally and physically. Oh, AND mother nature decided to bless me of my lovely period the day before my test *facepalms*. So it was a real experience throughout the last couple of weeks prior to my MCAT. But all in all, it’s over, I did my best and now I wait for my results back.

However, throughout this time of studying for the MCAT, I honestly learned so much about myself and the entire process. So I wanted to concise a list of advice from my experience in hopes it can prepare you for the MCAT or another exam of sorts.

By the way, the MCAT which stands for the Medical College Admissions Test is roughly an eight-hour exam that covers topics on biology, biochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, reading comprehension and behavioral sciences such as psychology and sociology. I will cover the whole exam more in depth in another post, so hang on if you’ll like to learn more!

Anyways, here’s my “WHAT TO DO & NOT TO DO ADVICE”

  1. Do not take on a large course load during the time you wish to take your MCAT during the semester. Unless they are for sure easy peasy classes.
  2. Do take the exam during winter or summer break if you can.
  3. Do register for the exam months prior (dates get filled quickly!)
  4. Do plan around allergy season if you have horrible allergies (lesson learned from experience, literally was dying lol).
  5. Do plan around your menstrual cycle for all my ladies out there (do you really want to worry about cramps and lower back pain for an eight-hour exam?)
  6. Do practice exams. And go over these faithfully.
  7. Do memorize all important mathematical equations.
  8. Do memorize all your amino acids (had the amino acids as my screensaver for a solid two months)
  9. Do invest in the Kaplan Quicksheets.
  10. Do begin waking up early at least a week ahead.
  11. Do not do a practice exam the day before the test.
  12. Do plan something fun afterward.
  13. Do arrive at the testing location at least an hour early.
  14. Do count traffic time during your commute to the testing location.
  15. Do bring a lunch and snacks during breaks.
  16. Do note of what foods give you energy.
  17. Do not worry about others progress and journey. Everyone performs differently.
  18. Do give yourself breaks during studying time.
  19. Do not get too hard on yourself. You’re doing great by even considering to take the test.
  20. Do invest in the AAMC practice materials (practice exams, flash cards, section banks).
  21. Do exercise and get those endorphins going.

As the list could go on and on, I hope this list helps in some way. And I’ll be sure to update the list more as well! I also wanted to let you all know that I’ll be attending the Alzheimer’s International Conference in Chicago this summer to gain insight for my honors thesis so I’m super pumped (let me know if any of you will be in the area). And I just recently got a medical scribe position at a pediatric office in the Arizona valley. SO you already know I’ll be sharing my experience with that as well. Thanks for reading my post today, and I hope you all have been doing well and killing the game. Remember, you are amazing and can do anything you set your heart on.

Love you all,



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