20 Fun Facts About ME!

Get to know me.

Hey y’all!

I’ve been on a blogging frenzy recently and thought it’ll be nice to share a little more about myself. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to blog my ideas and experiences and wanted to give some background of who I am by sharing 20 facts about myself.

So without further ado, let’s jump into this!

  1. I was born on the 4th of July. (Hence why my middle name is Freedom 😉 )
  2. I’m a first-generation college student.
  3. I played competitive club volleyball for about 6 years and throughout high school. Volleyball continues to be one of my biggest passions in life.
  4. I love baking. Cupcakes, cakes, cookies, biscotti’s, you name it, I’ve baked it. I remember asking my mom for a stand-up mixer once for my 11th birthday and then a food processor for my 12th lol.
  5. I got to see my nephew being born when I was only 15. One of the best experiences in my life.
  6. I’m left-handed! Shoutout to all of my lefties out there.
  7. One of my first science projects in 6th grade was about the red blood cell. Don’t exactly know why I selected this as a topic but obviously it was of interest to me lol.
  8. I’m a huge Michael Bublé fan.
  9. Christmas and Thanksgiving are my two favorite holidays.
  10. Math was my favorite subject during high school.
  11. I have one small tattoo in between my 4th digit on my right hand of a small teeny tiny cross (Jesus is my right-hand man). You wouldn’t really notice it unless you were staring at my hands.
  12. I went skydiving last year and did a backflip off of the plane. It was the instructor’s idea, not mine. But it was fun! Will do it again.
  13. Pizza is my favorite all-time food.
  14. One day I’ll like to own a farm next to a beach.
  15. I’ve been to 4 countries so far. (Japan, Peru, Canada, Mexico)
  16. I love going to concerts. I’ve seen Selena Gomez, Journey, Owl City, Michael Bublé, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Sam Smith, The Chainsmokers, Macklemore, and seeing Maroon 5 this summer.
  17. Maroon 5 was one of the first CD’s I’ve ever owned.
  18. I religiously have many “Treat Yo Self” days throughout the month.
  19. I love Disneyland.
  20. My dream place to live is in San Diego, California!

I would love to learn more about you all as well. So I dare you to comment below at least 3 facts about yourself! I somewhat found this initially difficult to write for reasons I do not know but overall it was fun! Thank you for reading and I’m excited to continue posting.

As always,



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