Travel Tuesday: Japan

Japan a complete itinerary

Happy Travel Tuesday!

Today I have a run-down of my favorite spots/foods in Japan from my trip 2 years ago! During this time, I got to taste the most wonderful food, visit amazing places and created new memories with my family.

Japan is definitely one of the most beautiful and unique places that I’ve visited and I highly recommend for anyone to go if they have the opportunity. The Japanese culture is very inviting and all the people are so kind and sweet. Never have I been treated with so much respect and kindness until I’ve visited here!

Here’s my Japan itinerary and I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Beginning with Bamboo Forest in Kyoto


Absolutely breathtaking right?! These bamboo stalks stand nice and tall right above you surrounding into a peaceful bliss. Perfect for that Instagram picture.

Then head over to the Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)


Then visit the Sensō-ji Temple in Tokyo


Sensō-ji is one of the oldest temples in Japan and holds a high significance for it’s Buddhist history.  There are also many shops that are along outside the temple for a nice day of sight-seeing and shopping.

Stop by at a gas station along the way! Japan has some of the BEST gas stations


I know what you’re thinking… a gas station?! But really, Japan had some super nice gas stations that surprised me very much. It’s just something you got to see yourself!

Visit the world’s busiest cross-walk in Tokyo, Japan (Shibuya)


Then make ways to Harajuku in Tokyo


Stop by one of the happiest places in the world to Tokyo Disneyland


Visit the Cup of Noodle Factory Museum in Tokyo


You can even make your own cup of noodles as a souvenir and learn the history of the famous instant noodles!

Stop by a Vending Machine


Seriously, vending machines are everywhere within the cities of Japan. Need a cup of joe? No problem!

Eat lots of Ramen


Visit the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo


I recommend visiting the market at 4-5AM to receive some of the freshest sushi possible with no wait at some of the sushi restaurants near the market.

Go Thrifting in Tokyo


Visit a Bakery


Visit the Yen Store (Dollar store)


The Yen store in Japan was actually my favorite place because they literally had everything. I got a lot of my souvenirs and gifts within the Yen store and all of the items I purchased were high quality and didn’t disappoint.

Lastly, some of my favorite treats from Japan:


All in all, there’s so much that Japan can offer for a visitor. Japan is one of my favorite places that I’ve visited mainly because of their: culture, cuisine and hospitality. I’ll definitely go back in a heart beat. One of these days I’ll return in March/April to witness the Cherry blossoms!

Until next time,


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