Better an Opps than a What if

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Happy Sunday Funday my friends,

Its been a very productive summer so far here in Arizona for me. I’ll be submitting my medical school applications at the end of this week, and I’m excited but also scared. This has been a moment I’ve waited for since I was a young girl and it’s crazy to imagine that my dream is so close within my reach. Of course, you’re probably wondering what the title of this post has to do with today’s blog, and I’m sure you’re already thinking… “okay, so what does this mean exactly Ari?” Well, with this nervousness and doubt I’ve been feeling with the submission of my applications I’ve had to continually remind myself that it’s better to try and take a risk instead of not doing anything at all. Let’s just reread that sentence for a second.

“It’s better to try and take a risk instead of not doing anything at all.”

I’ve had to remind myself that the possibility of not getting into medical school is a path to my future and understanding this now is okay. Not everyone gets into that dream school. Not everyone gets into their reach schools either. And as hurtful as this sounds, this is just the reality of going into a competitive pool of applicants. Ever since middle school, I remember hearing coaches or teachers highlight the importance of putting yourself into uncomfortable situations. Uncomfortable situations are where we, humans are put underneath new stressors and opportunities. This is where growth is produced and soars.

I know that when I hit that submit button at the end of this week, there’s going to be that fear and nervousness or possible self-doubt. But that’s okay. This is all about the journey. I just wanted to remind my readers that whatever dream you’re currently pursuing, there’s always going to be some risk within the process. Together we can jump over these mountains. So apply to that school, job, or whatever it is that’s calling your heart. Because it’s better to try and put in your effort instead of saying “what if?” later on.

Much gratitude,



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