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As dedication to my first fitness post, I wanted to include my favorite products that I always use within my daily life whether I’m working out at the gym or running errands. I’ve been an active gym-goer ever since my volleyball career ended in high school and during this time, I’ve run (no pun intended, haha) across amazing products that I highly recommend for you to try! Here’s my top 5 favorite products that I use EVERYDAY:

Resistance Bands (2)

Resistance bands are a staple to my leg day and booty workouts due to the resistance that it adds while doing compound exercises or stretches. I recommend using these bands for exercises such as: glute bridges, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, front squats, standing adduction, lateral band walks and etc. to fire up the glutes and prepare for an awesome workout. Always remember, glute activation is KEY to growing your bum especially if you’re sedentary for most of the day. The resistance bands pictured above are only $10.95 on Amazon Prime and other brands are relatively around the same price. Get yours here: 

Resistance Bands (1)

Protein powder is a must for anyone who’s a busy bod and gym-goer. I recommend this particular brand because the quality and taste are phenomenal and doesn’t feel “too powdery” while drinking it alone with water. Another major plus is that it’s plant-based so it’ll agree with your stomach and not give you the bloating or discomfort that you’ll get from whey products. Nonetheless, protein powders aid in the process of muscle repair and recovery after working out the body during exercise. Get yours here:

Resistance Bands (3)

Let me first start off by saying that this is the most comfortable shoe that I’ve ever worn. These shoes are called “Cloudfoam” for a reason and literally live to their name and I’ve yet to receive any issues with these. I wear these shoes every other day and they are my favorite go-to when I’m running around at the gym or attending classes at school. In the past, my Nike shoes have ripped in odd places and lost its grip at the bottom so I’ve taken a break from the Nike store and I think I’m officially on the Adidas train. I’m also excited to share that they are 50% OFF on the Adidas website! WHAT A STEAL! Get yours here:

Resistance Bands (5)

I started wearing these leggings back in March and to this day they are still in great condition and squat-proof. Nothing ruins my day more than a pair of see through leggings. No one should ever have to experience this type of feeling because it is embarrassing and just downright wrong! I’ve only tried their Flex leggings which provides a perfect booty contour to make your peach look lifted and amazing. Plus, they are only $38.00 when compared to a $100.00 pair of Lulu’s. Get yours here:

Resistance Bands (4)

Music is EVERYTHING when it comes to a great workout and pushing through those tough moments. These Bose wireless headphones are perfect for sound proofing everything around you and delivering great quality of music to your ears. I’ve yet to experience any technical issues with these headphones and I know there are tons of dupes for people ballin’ on a budget! Wireless headphones have been my favorite due to the fact that they don’t get caught on workout machines and flinging your phone everywhere lol. Get yours here: Dupe for Bose:

I hope you guys enjoyed my little favorite fitness products haul and let me know if there’s anything else you want me to review! Also, please be sure to comment below what your favorite fitness products are and why you recommend them. 🙂

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